10 Reasons Not To Start A Blog

Have you ever second guessed yourself after you decided to plunge into something that you are not quite sure all that it entails? Wondering if you made the right decision? Have you ever felt like giving up? That is how I have been feeling since I started this blog. Because of this, I have found 10 reasons why I should not have started a blog. Now before you start thinking that I am giving up, just wait. You’ve got to read all the way to the end. 🙂

  1. Obsessed with writing. Seriously, I have all these ideas in my head that I feel the need to get on paper so that I don’t forget them. I do not have enough time to write them all down. I lie in bed and can’t sleep because I think of something to add to my book or I have a post idea. Which brings me to my second reason.
  2. Less sleep. Since I have all these ideas in my head, I can’t sleep until they are all on paper or on my computer. Sometimes, that means I am not in bed until midnight. And even after I finally lie in bed, more thoughts enter my mind. I then pray, pray, pray until I finally drift off to sleep.
  3. Less time to spend in God’s Word. Before I decided to start a blog, I was spending  time in God’s Word faithfully. I have such a hunger to know God more and draw closer to Him. But since starting the blog, I have to take time for my blog and my book so I feel like I have less time to study God’s Word.
  4. Can’t concentrate on other things. For the first few weeks after I decided to start a blog, that is all I could think about. I found myself at the computer working on my website and blog ideas and the  outline for my book. It would be 1:00 in the afternoon and I would realize that I had not made lunch for my kids yet. Or time had gotten away from me, and I had not started my kids school-work for the day. I literally could not concentrate on anything else.
  5. Not enough time to catch up with friends and family. I have found that I don’t have as much time to talk on the phone with my friends or just to hang out with my friends. It is now my second full-time job after taking care of my kids. I am missing my friends and family.
  6. No time to cook from scratch. I have a love to eat foods from scratch, knowing that there is no junk in the food I am eating. Since starting a blog, I don’t have time for being in the kitchen. Breakfast is usually cereal, lunch is leftovers from the night before, and supper is something simple. I used to spend so much more time in the kitchen.
  7. Not enough time to enjoy my hobbies. I absolutely love sitting down at the piano and playing songs I enjoy. It brings such peace and calmness to my being. I also enjoy playing my flute. Although since my pain started last October 2016, I have realized that I cannot hold my flute up for very long anymore. Another thing I enjoy doing is just sitting outside petting my kitties. Now I don’t have much time to do that either.
  8. Not as much time to play outdoors with my kids. I love my kids. I am so thankful for the children God has given me. But now I feel like I don’t have enough time to just go outside and hang out with my kids and play and laugh. Now when my husband goes outside with the kids, I am usually stuck inside sitting at the computer working on my blog or book. 
  9. I neglect taking care of myself. Again I am so obsessed with writing now, that I am not drinking enough water. I am not eating enough nutrition. I have stopped doing my exercises that I am supposed to be doing to help my back.
  10. I am forgetful. The other day I talked to my husband on the phone on his lunch break. I asked him what he wanted for supper and he said, “Tacos”. Immediately after I hung up with him, I opened up the refrigerator to see if we were missing any ingredients for tacos. I looked in the refrigerator and noticed the venison roast I had placed there the day before. My immediate thought was “Oh, I should get that roast started, so we can have it for supper.” I completely forget about the tacos. My husband called at 3:00 pm when he was done with his work to see if we needed any ingredients for the tacos. My reply was “Oh no!” I had totally forgotten about the tacos!

So now I am questioning whether I made the right choice starting a blog. Do I give up on something that I have dreamed of doing for many years? Although I have 10 reasons to quit, I have 1 reason to keep on going.

  • God’s strength will be shown through my weakness. I feel very inadequate for writing a blog. If it was up to me, I would just give up. After all, that is what I have been doing all my life. I am a pro at quitting. But I firmly believe that God’s “grace is sufficient for” me; for God’s “strength is made perfect in weakness.” (2 Corinthians 12:9) So next time, when you feel like giving up and have a long list of reasons to quit, remember that God’s strength will be shown through your weakness.

Do you ever wonder if you made the right decision? Have you ever felt like quitting? Please leave a comment below and share your story :-).

(A special “thank you” to my photographer, my 5-year-old Benjamin, who took my photo today. I am also thankful that at least 2 out of my 3 kids had their eyes open for their photo 🙂

4 Replies to “10 Reasons Not To Start A Blog”

  1. I’m a “pro at quitting”, too!! I’ll pray that you find a way to fit ALL these good things into your busy schedule. It is hard to live a balanced life…..but I’m sure that as you focus on the Lord, he will direct and help you.

  2. I quit all the time when I’m trying to change my eating habits. It gets too hard, I lack self-control, the kids hate what I’ve made, it is so expensive… so many reasons! I also wonder about homeschooling my kids, but I feel God has me at home with them because that’s where He wants me to be. I doubt myself but then remember His sovereignty.

  3. Changing eating habits is difficult, especially when you are trying to get little ones to eat healthy too. Thanks for sharing, Emily 🙂

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