How My Love for Birds Began

Do you love birds? Well, I never realized how much I loved birds until I moved out into the woods almost 5 years ago.

Situation. My dear husband was chopping down a rotten tree, when he noticed our female calico cat Spots was digging in the cut up tree. My husband then saw that there was a nest of baby birds in there. He quickly rescued the baby birds from Spots and brought them over to me.

As an animal lover, I immediately wanted to take care of those baby birds. But what do I know about birds? Not much.

So I did a search on Google about what to feed baby chickadees.  From my Google search, I found some ideas of what to feed them.  So I ground up sunflower seeds and apples in my blender and fed these baby birds little bits of this ground-up food every few hours.

Well, that night it was kinda chilly in the laundry room where I kept these baby birds in a bucket with some grass, and the next morning I checked on them. These precious baby birds did not make it.

Thoughts and Feelings. I wanted so much for those baby chickadees to make it. I was heartbroken.

Truth. I know that God cares for the birds and He cares for me and you too. He has also made me to be a compassionate person who deeply cares for animals. I have had to claim “Casting all your upon Him, for He cares for you” many times. I know He cares. But it is easier to say it than to really believe it.

Outcome. I have had to ask God to help me to “cast my care upon Him” because so many times, I feel like I am still carrying the burden of worry. I now cry out to God over and over again to ask for His help. God’s strength is made perfect in my weakness.

What are you anxious and worried about? Have you given the problem to God?

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