Freedom from Worrying what Other People Think

I wonder what my friends and family would think if I bring my child to the doctor for this reason? What would they think if I don’t let them having any cake and ice cream at the birthday party? What would people think if I stay home? What will they think if I home school?

Have you ever worried about what other people think? Are you worried they will judge you or talk about you behind your back? I used to worry about every thing I did. Worried that others would be gossiping and judging me. If you have ever felt like that, then keep on reading. You are not alone.

This is one of the many reasons I have not been blogging for the past couple months. I was discouraged fearing that others would be criticizing what I was blogging about. I wondered if all the time that I spent on the computer was just a waste of time? I wondered if this truly brought glory to God?

I have been truly seeking God’s will and purpose with my life. I want to pour my time and energy into teaching, loving, and nurturing my children. I do not want to get caught up with spending too much time on the computer.

I used to look at my site stats and be worried that it was so low. I figured that since no one even read my blog, that I shouldn’t even be taking the time to blog. Then when I would post something on Facebook, I would be worried that so few people would “like” my post.

Worry. Worry. Worry. That is all I seemed to do.

That’s when I had to stop getting on the computer. I searched the Scriptures more diligently. I communicated with God all throughout the days. I kept my focus on God and sought His will.

I read books about child training. I spent time on my deck soaking in the sun and enjoyed watching my children play on their new play set. I watched the birds chirping and singing and watched them do what God created them to do.  It made me think. Am I doing what God created me to do?

I was more patient and loving. Less worried about what others thought. My time away from the Internet was exactly what I needed.

But I decided that I should probably let my readers know what in the world is going on with my blog 🙂

Since I will be having a major surgery in less than 2 weeks, I will not be on the computer for at least a month or two. I will be focusing on spending time in God’s Word, loving my family, and healing.

I have been thinking more about what God’s plan is for my life. That has made me think more about glorifying God in all that I do. I feel a great responsibility to train and nurture my children. Pointing them to Jesus all day long. Reminding them that God is our only hope and that God has a special plan for them.

I have found freedom from worrying about what other people think. It is only through God’s grace and goodness though.

Seek God always and look for signs of His goodness every day! There is a reason for every single thing that happens….even if that thing is pain, heartache, or frustrations.