Awestruck by a Spider

What does a beautiful sunrise or sunset make you think about?

Situation. All day today, I have seen signs of God’s glory. As I was enjoying looking at the purple wild flowers along the side of the road to the blue jay that flew up to a tree.

Today while I was sitting on the deck eating apples and peanut butter with my little boy, I looked at the railing behind me and noticed a tiny brown spider. I paused to watch this little spider to see what it was up to. You know what it was doing? It was making a web!

Okay, maybe you don’t think that is amazing, but I do! I have never seen a spider making a web. I’m sure I could see a video on YouTube of a spider making a web. But this was much, much better.

Tiny spider on its web.

I watched it make each intricate layer of webbing. I was in awe. I watched him from start to finish, and as he finished he crawled up to the top railing and sat there and waited for his next meal.

How does a spider know that he is supposed to be making a web to catch bugs so he can live? Nobody taught him to do that. He does not complain that he has to make a web to catch his food. He does not wake up one morning and decide that he is done making webs. This is all just so amazing to me.

On my way to church this evening, I looked to the west as the sun was setting. The clear blue sky with a perfectly round, bright orange circle. It was beautiful. And if that was not enough, as I was driving, there were probably a hundred little brown birds that were in the road that flew up in the air as I drove closer.

Then I looked up in the sky and noticed hundreds of other birds to the west of me. Birds always remind me of how God cares for me. He takes care of the birds He made and He will care for me.

Tonight as I sat in church, a young boy sang “God never moves without purpose or plan”. The stanza that says “Now I can see testing comes from above” brought tears to my eyes as I thought of what God has been doing in my life for the past year.

Then as Pastor was preaching, He spoke of the church in Thessalonica that was born through adversity.

Thoughts and feelings. I have been through pain and trials over the past year, but I was overflowing with joy because of the beauty of His creation and the truths from His Word.

Does focusing on God’s creation bring joy to your heart?