My Introduction to Stinging Nettle

Do you ever worry if you are really the best mom for your kids? Or the best employee for your employer? Or the best wife for your husband?

Situation. The last couple weeks I have been on a mission to pull all the weeds from my yard. Determined not to use any of those nasty chemicals that may harm my children, my pets, and all those creatures that visit my lawn for a snack.

I had pulled up hundreds of dandelions, plantains, clover, and moss, and other weeds I had not identified yet.

I found these weeds by my chicken coop that I was able to pull up quite easily. After pulling out the first one, I stopped because my hand felt itchy. I hurried inside, fearing that I had touched some poison ivy that was among these weeds that I thought looked like wild strawberry plants.

I washed my hands very well, placed some gloves on, and went back outside to continue pulling weeds. I thought it had gone quite well with the gloves on and decided I should continue the next day.

So the next day, I told my kids to put these gloves on and help me pull these weeds that are easy and fun to pull. They all started eagerly helping, and my 3-year-old was running through these weeds with them brushing against his legs having so much fun.

But then my leg started to itch. I hurried inside to scrub my leg with soap and water. I scrubbed my leg so hard that part of it started to bleed. So I rubbed calamine lotion on my leg, and placed a band-aid over the part that was bleeding. I then put on some long pants so I was not tempted to scratch my leg.

My husband took my children outside with him to play, and I decided to Google what kind of weed that was that made me itch. You know what I found out? You guessed it. It was stinging nettle.

Thoughts and feelings. I felt like I bad mom because I had asked my children to help with the stinging nettle. So I decided I should educate myself on weed identification so I don’t make that mistake again.

Outcome. But just because I did something stupid does not make me a bad mommy. My worth is not in what I do or not do. According to John 3:16 God loved me so much that He sent His Son to die for me. I have worth in Jesus! None of my children even became itchy from the stinging nettle, but even if they had, I learned my lesson.

Have you ever done something that made you feel that you were defined by the mistakes you make? What truths do you remind yourself of?