The Robin Nest That Did Not Stay Together

Have you ever found a bird that fell out of a  nest that had fallen apart?

Situation. One day this summer, I was outside enjoying the fresh air, and the kids, and the beautiful woods when my husband looked on the ground next to our huge maple tree and said “What is this?” It was a baby bird.

Immediately, I was hoping it was not another dead bird. It was not dead, it was still alive. I held it in the palm of my hand as it opened wide its mouth for food.

We agreed that  it looked like a baby robin. We looked up in the large oak tree to see if we could find the nest that it came from. Sure enough, about 20 feet up, we saw a nest that looked like it had fallen apart.

 I placed the baby robin on the ground where it was found. Then I stepped inside and decided to watch the baby robin from inside and see if the parents would come back for it. I saw 2 robins come close and so I figured those were the parents.

So I got this crazy idea to place the baby robin in an empty gallon ice cream container and hang it in the small, purple maple tree that was about 20 feet from the large oak tree. I wanted to see if the mama bird would come back  and take care of it.

As I watched from inside, I saw a robin fly to the container and sit on the edge and jump into the container.  My  heart was eased and comforted, thinking that the mother robin would take care of her baby. Continue reading “The Robin Nest That Did Not Stay Together”