What To Do When You Are Overwhelmed With Everything

Three months ago, I had this crazy idea to start a blog and write a book, both at the same time. I tried it and I started to neglect my health, my children, and my household responsibilities. I realized that something needed to change, but I did not know what I should do.

I felt guilty for not being able to work as a nurse anymore because of my pain so I tried to find something I could do to bring in an income. I thought that starting a blog and writing a book would help. Well, three months later, I have not made even one cent from either one of them.

I have not had the time that I needed to prepare a freebie for signing up for my blog. After reading through the rough draft of my book, I realized that it was missing something, but I did not know what. So, feeling discouraged, I stopped writing my book and thought about stopping my blog.

I was trying to do it all, but not doing a good job with anything I was doing. Something had to change. Then I found out about The Intentional Mom’s Toolkit where Kayse Pratt said  All the planning will be done for you, and all you’ll have to do is work the plan. This is the big one, the resource that brings everything about intentional living together in one easy, cohesive, doable action plan.”

This sounded like just what I needed. I was overwhelmed with all of my responsibilities. I could not even decide what to make for supper with all the millions of possible recipes on the Internet. Searching Pinterest for recipes made me feel overwhelmed and inadequate.

So, I decided I would try this Toolkit out, and it has been an amazing help for me. It has a Scripture study, which by the way, I have memorized 10 verses in a week’s time. Did you read that? 10 verses! The last time I remember memorizing that many verses in that short amount of time was when I was in teen camp in 1995!

There is even a home care checklist. I have been getting things done around the house and not feeling overwhelmed. Most of the time, I would walk around the house trying to figure out what I should be doing next, then end up not getting anything done because I could not decide which of the thousand things I should do first. Now, my house is the most organized and cleanest it has ever been.

Kayse has some great family connection ideas with helpful links. I added all these great activities to my monthly planner. Sometimes, I get so comfortable at home that I forget to connect with my friends. These ideas will be helping me to get out of my comfort zone.

This Toolkit also has a monthly menu planner, and I have been trying many of the recipes. The recipes are not complicated, and they don’t have hard-to-find ingredients. My family has liked all the recipes I have tried so far.

She even has some great budgeting tips with a finance planner. I got all of these things and much more for an amazing price per month. You can sign up for the next three days for just $10 per month.

Seriously, it has been so worth it. This is just what I needed at this season of my life.

So, I am still not bringing in an income, and I still have a million things to do, BUT I no longer feel overwhelmed. Everything I need to do is in the Toolkit and my Planner. Hooray to not feeling overwhelmed!

You too should check out The Intentional Mom’s Toolkit by Kayse Pratt. 

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all your responsibilities? Do you wish that you had a personal assistant to write out your plan, and all you had to do was check them off your list? Then you have got to check this Toolkit out.

So, my dear friend, let me know what you think about this, in the comments below 🙂