What Do You Do When You Fail at Something?

Have you ever failed at something? I hope I’m not the only one?

Situation. Because I was tired of finding dead birds around my house, I was determined to find a way to keep my cats from catching birds. I started to search on Google and on Amazon. I decided to buy these 3 Bemix cat collars from Amazon. They all had  bells, a reflective collar, and a breakaway feature.

I placed a collar on each of my cats. My cats, Mittens and Spotsy, were still able to catch mice, and that made me happy.

But the next week, I looked out my window and noticed that Spotsy had a downy woodpecker in her mouth. I hurried outside and yelled at Spotsy to drop the bird.

I helped the bird get away from the Spotsy, and then the bird flew up to a nearby tree. I was thrilled to see that the bird was still alive. But I was disappointed that the collar did not prevent Spotsy from catching that bird.

I disciplined her by putting her in the garage and not letting her out until the next day. (The cats never seem to learn their lesson. I don’t know why I keep trying.)

Snowflake, my gray male cat, was sleeping on the deck one night, and I was awoken to a noise coming from the deck. I looked outside to see an orange cat running back into the woods.

There was fur all over the deck from the cat fight. Snowflake’s collar had also come off during the fight and was lying on the deck.I decided not to put the collar back on Snowflake.

Last week, Spotsy did not come back to the garage before I went to bed so she was out all night. This is very unusual for her. When morning came, I saw her outside without her collar. She was limping with her left front leg, but did not have any bite marks and was not bleeding.

I could tell she was in pain and kept her inside for a couple of days to watch her and make sure that she was eating and drinking. I thought she had a dislocated shoulder, so I took her to the veterinarian.

The vet confirmed that it was dislocated and gave me an estimate of $1,500 for the x-rays and surgery. I told the vet that I could not afford that and asked if

she could suggest something that would help. She stepped out of the room and returned with a Thunder shirt. She put a size XXS Thunder shirt (used for dogs during thunder storms) on Spotsy.

She has adjusted well to the Thunder shirt. She is now running around outside again.

Thoughts and feelings. I spent so much time researching what I could do to keep my cats from catching birds. But the cat collars failed at keeping my cats from catching birds. Should I try something else or should I just give up?

Truth. Even through the trials, Paul said in Philippians 3:13-14 “…forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” Paul did not give up even with all he was going through.

Outcome. I will not give up. I will get back up. Don’t be discouraged. Keep getting back up no matter how many times you fall.

Have you ever tried something and failed? What did you do to keep from giving up?